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Catalogues for industry, commerce, public authorities

Fire-Rated Doors / Smoke-Tight Doors / Multi-Purpose Doors

Multi-Function Doors

Fully bonded composite construction OD with permanently flush surface

Steel Fire-Rated Doors to British Standard

Single and double-leaf doors in a matching appearance - with Environmental Product Declaration EPD.

STS / STU Steel and Stainless Steel Doors

NEW: multi-purpose door for outside and smoke-tight door

MZ Multi-Purpose Door

High-quality steel doors for internal and external applications.

Function Doors for Construction Projects

Multi-purpose door with thermal break MZ Thermo65

Fire-Rated and Smoke-Tight Tubular Frame Parts

In the course of several decades, Hörmann has continuously developed its fire protection programme into today’s complete range. In addition to this multifarious range of products for construction projects, Hörmann also offers individual solutions with case by case approval.

Industrial Doors and Loading Technology

Wheel-Blocking System MWB

Workplace safety at loading points

Industrial Sectional Doors

Parcel door version / Parcel Walk

Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grilles

Matching side door NT 60

RollMatic Rolling Grille

Compact design perfect for store grilles in confined spaces.

High-Speed Doors

NEW: Internal door V4015 SEL Alu-R with powerful, innovative tubular drive\r\nand narrow aluminium side elements

HS 7030 PU Spiral Door

The fast insulated door with a PU-foamed door leaf.

Loading Technology

Complete solutions for more Efficiency.

Double and Collective Garage Doors

Optimum cost-effectiveness, long-term functional reliability as well as extremely quiet operation, even at high frequencies, are some of the most prominent features of these collective garage doors.

Door Systems for Collective Garages

Doors, operators and controls from a single source. At Hörmann, the door and operator are always tested and certified as a unit.

FST Steel and Stainless Steel Sliding Doors

Fire and smoke-tight sliding doors, multi-purpose sliding doors, hinged garage doors

Sliding Gates

Self-supporting construction, high security standards, completely pre-assembled.

Sports Hall Door

The Hörmann sports hall door complies with the accident prevention regulations “Schools” of the statutory German accident insurance GUV‑V S 1. The door leaf has been tested as bounceresistant according to DIN 18032-3.

Double-Action Doors and Strip Curtains

Double-action doors and strip curtains: The clear solution for every door opening.

Steel Frames

Steel Frames

Simple, beautiful, fast: VarioFix steel profile frame

Products for Residential Construction

Products for Construction Projects

Systematic Service

Doors and Entrance Doors

Door Operator PortaMatic

With the Hörmann PortaMatic door operator, you can open and close your timber and steel internal doors automatically via hand transmitter or button.

ThermoComp Entrance Doors

High performance external doors

Residential Doors

New ConceptLine timber doors and new all-glass doors

Thermo65 / Thermo46 Entrance Doors

Classical styles and individual colour combinations

Entrance Doors

ThermoCarbon, ThermoSafe, Thermo65, TopComfort