Architects‘ Darling Award 2015: Hörmann certified in two categories

Like every year, the Architects’ Darling Award has been bestowed within the frame of the Celler Werktage in Germany. 1,800 architects and planners have chosen their favourites in 24 product categories from over 200 manufacturers and brands of the building industry. Therefore, it is one of the biggest surveys of architects conducted in Germany this year.

Just like in 2013, Hörmann won this year’s gold medal in the doors category which is awarded every two years. Jörg Egener, head of architects’ support at Hörmann, was jubilant at the award: “Even though some might have rated us as the sure winner of this category before the start of the event, it is a great honour to win the category of doors yet again. We are glad and work hard to convince the architects and planners of our products again and again.” In addition to this award, Hörmann won the bronze medal in another category: “That we also have been certified in the category of fire prevention overwhelmed us. This range is very wide and does not only cover the constructional fire prevention”, said Jörg Egener enthusiastically.

Architects‘ Darling Award 2015

Foto: Roman Thomas Fotografie