Teaser RollMatic roller garage door

Roller Garage Doors - Complete system including operator

The RollMatic garage door from Hörmann provides plenty of space in front of and inside the garage. You can drive directly up to the door for parking and the ceiling area of the garage remains available. Made of high-quality corrosion-free aluminium, the RollMatic door profile is equipped with modern Hörmann operator technology as standard.

The operator is located outside the support bracket for trouble-free maintenance. Start and stop of the RollMatic door are particularly soft and silent, preserving the door. An internal push button and garage illumination are already integrated in the control housing.

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Good reasons to try Hörmann roller garage door RollMatic

Reliable and safe: the tension spring assembly

Convincing Technology

The tested tension spring assembly supports the operator during the opening and closing of the door. This protects the operator mechanism and in case of an emergency, the door can be easily opened by hand. A crank handle is not necessary. Double cabling additionally protects the door from crashing to the floor.

The special profile arrangement at the shaft guarantees a secure, break-in resistant locking. With this mechanism, it is practically impossible to push the curtain open.

Maintenance-friendly an especially silent

Operator included as standard

The operator is located outside the shaft cover for trouble-free maintenance. The start and