Collective Garage Doors
Double and Collective Garage Doors
Double and Collective Garage Doors

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Collective Garage Doors - ET 500 and ST 500
Collective Garage Doors - ET 500 and ST 500

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Door Systems for Collective Garages
Door Systems for Collective Garages

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Collective Garage Doors ET 500 and ST 500
Collective Garage Doors ET 500 and ST 500

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Collective Garage Doors ET 500, ST 500 und N 500 - Three versions, one quality

Optimum efficiency, permanent functional and personal safety as well as extremely smooth running, even at high usage frequency - these are the outstanding features of the collective garage door.

The swinging up-and-over door N 500 is suited for double garages in private areas and for collective garages for up to 25 parking spaces. When opening and closing, the non-protruding up-and-over door ET 500 swings out only to 40 mm and is therefore optimal for collective garages opening onto pavements. The design of the ST 500 sliding door additionally features a low fitting depth in the lintel area.

All door types together offer a wide variety of styles and individual design options.

For more information, please see the adjacent catalogues as well as the Technical manual.

Good reasons to try Hörmann collective garage doors

Brand quality “Made in Germany”

All doors and operator components developed and manufactured by Hörmann, are perfectly matched to each other and tested and certified by independent, recognised institutes to ensure your safety. They are manufactured in Germany according to the DIN ISO 9001 quality management system and meet the requirements of European standard 13241-1. Furthermore, our highly qualified employees work intensively on new products, continual further developments and improvements to details. The results are patents and one-of-akind products you can depend on.

Garage doors for generations

Endurance tests under real conditions ensure mature series products with Hörmann quality. Thanks to this, as well as excellent technical solutions and uncompromising quality assurance, you can enjoy Hörmann double and collective garage doors for years to come.

An eye on the future

Hörmann is setting a good example. This is why the company has obtained over 70 % of its required energy from green sources and will continue to increase this percentage. At the same time, many tonnes of CO2 are saved each year thanks to the introduction of an intelligent and certified energy management system. And last but not least, Hörmann offers products for sustainable construction.

Find out more about Hörmann’s environmental activities in the “We Think Green” brochure.

Smooth, quiet door travel even at high frequencies

Twin rollers in the guide rail and guide rollers with ball-bearings allow the door to operate smoothly, quietly and precisely – even in continuous use. The non-protruding up-andover door ET 500 and the sliding door ST 500 are designed for a service life of at least 250,000 door cycles; the up-and-over door N 500 optionally reinforced with spring assembly for at least 100,000.

All-round well secured design

The open design with safety clearance between the door leaf and building structure offers reliable protection against finger injuries on the side and bottom edges. A special EPDM profile shape protects the closing edge of the door leaf. For non-protruding up-and-over door ET 500 and sliding door ST 500 an integrated photocell also secures the door opening.

Approved door and operator unit

All double and collective garage doors are always tested and certified by independent, recognised institutes together with their corresponding operators. This ensures that the door and operator unit run smoothly and securely, which is especially important when fitting the door in public areas, such as underground and collective garages.

Practical wicket doors and side doors

On request, double and collective garage doors are also available with a practical wicket door or with a side door matching the design. Wicket doors can be arranged left, right or centre. Overhead door closers are part of the standard scope of delivery.

BiSecur radio system with certified security

The bi-directional radio system BiSecur is based on future-oriented technology for the convenient and secure operation of garage and entrance gate operators, door operators, lights and more. The extremely secure BiSecur encryption protocol, developed by Hörmann, with a stable, interference-free range makes sure that no-one can copy your radio signal. It was tested and certified by security experts at Bochum University.

Perfectly matched and 100 % compatible

All BiSecur operators, receivers and control elements are 100 % compatible. Using a hand transmitter or radio code switch, for example, you can conveniently operate your garage door as well as an entrance gate equipped with a Hörmann operator, your door operators or other devices with BiSecur receivers. With our app * and Hörmann BiSecur gateway, it is easy to control your Hörmann garage door or entrance gate operators, Hörmann entrance door** or the internal door operator PortaMatic as well as other devices using your smartphone or tablet.

* For smartphones or tablets with iOS or Android operating system

** To use this function it is required that your Hörmann entrance door ThermoCarbon / ThermoSafe is equipped with the automatic lock S5 / S7 Smart.

Convenient querying of the door position

You no longer have to go out in all kinds of weather to check if your door is closed. At the press of a button, the colour of the LED on the HS 5 BS hand transmitter indicates the position of the door. If required, another push of a button*** closes the door. It is the most comfortable and secure way to control your door.

*** An additional photocell is required for operation without visual contact to the door.



Award-winning design

In addition to a black or white design, the exclusive BiSecur hand transmitters are characterised by an elegant shape that fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Hörmann’s BiSecur hand transmitters with an optional high-gloss surface in a piano lacquer look have received the reddot design award for their exclusive design.


Figure left: HS 5 BS hand transmitter with hand transmitter station (optional).