Planning documents

Documentation / media centre

The media centre contains additional documents for your planning:

  • Fitting data
  • Instructions for fitting, operating and maintenance
  • Approval documents for fire-rated doors
  • Environmental Product Declaration acc. to DIN ISO 14025 and prEN 15804
  • Certificates of exemption
  • Conformity confirmations
  • Declaration of performance acc. to BauPVO

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Energy savings compass

Hörmann’s energy savings compass for industrial doors and loading bays

Doors and loading bays sometimes take up a large portion of commercial buildings. They therefore offer substantial energy savings potential if they are correctly planned in newly constructed logistics buildings or if old loading bays are modernised. What possibilities are there? What is sensible? And how much can be saved, for example by retrofitting a high-speed door? When is it amortised? Answers to these and other questions are provided by the new energy savings compass.

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Frame compendium for partition walls and solid walls

Comprehensive planning documents for standard and special frames: 

  • Certificates
  • Fitting directives for fitting steel frames
  • Surface coating and care instructions
  • Standard frames
  • Special frames
  • Special elements
  • Transom profiles
  • Glazing beads
  • Optional extras for special frames

Download Frame compendium (.pdf)

Visibility windows compendium for partition walls and solid walls

Comprehensive planning documents for visibility windows and fixed glazing:

  • General information about visibility windows
  • Product overviews
  • Construction and quality features
  • Preferred sizes
  • Detailed depictions
  • Transom profiles and couplings
  • Glazing beads
  • Wiring diagrams

  Download Visibility windows compendium(.zip)