Funktionstüren für Zuhause

Function doors for your home

Funktionstüren mit Wohlfühlcharakter

The right door for every room – comfort guaranteed

Whether for new construction projects or modernisations, Hörmann offers you suitable doors for every area of your home. Whether security doors for basements or the entrance to garages, fire-retarding doors for boiler rooms or multi-purpose doors for hobby rooms – our high-quality steel doors ensure that you feel perfectly comfortable and safe within your four walls. Discover all advantages and functions of our steel doors with their individual design possibilities.

Haus Funktionstüren

Security door KSI Thermo46

High security and the best thermal insulation

The KSI Thermo security door provides many advantages: thanks to a door leaf with thermal break, it offers the best thermal insulation and also comes with break-in-resistant RC 2 security equipment.

External door for

  • Basements
  • Heated outbuildings
  • Garages with access to the home
Funktionstüren mit hoher Sicherheit und bester Wärmedämmung

KSI 40 Security Door

Funktionstüren für Fahrradraum

Additional security with the proven classic

Basement entrances, outbuildings and garages are often equipped with old doors that can be forced open in seconds. Always remember: if the basement door is open, the whole house is accessible. This is why we recommend the KSI security door with standard security equipment for these areas.

External doors for

  • Basements
  • Unheated outbuildings
  • Free-standing garages

Multi-purpose doors MZ Thermo46 / MZ Thermo65

External door with thermal break and the best thermal insulation values

The multi-purpose doors are more than just extremely robust. Thanks to a thermal break, it features up to 49% better thermal insulation than a conventional multi-purpose door. It is available with or without glazing and in numerous colours and decor surfaces.

External door for

  • Basements
  • Heated outbuildings
  • Garages with access to the home
  • Work and hobby rooms
Außentür für Werk- und Hobbyräume

Multi-purpose door MZ

Aussentür für Lagerräume

The stable and inexpensive internal and external door

Proven for over four decades, this multi-purpose door is stable, durable and weather-resistant, making it ideal for inside and outside. The MZ comes in a single-leaf or double-leaf design and is available with glazing on request.

Internal and external door for

  • Unheated outbuildings
  • Utility sheds
  • Storage areas

Fire-rated door H8-5

The best-selling boiler room door in Europe

For decades, the H8‑5 fire-rated door has been providing optimum safety for boiler rooms and rooms with oil tanks. This door is the best example of how you can profit from Hörmann's expertise in fire protection.

Internal door for

  • Boiler rooms
  • Rooms with oil tanks
Europas meistgekaufte Heizungskellertür

Multi-function door H3D

Multifunktionstür H3D

The functional door between garage and home

Due to fire hazards in garages, a fire-rated door between the house and garage is required by law. The H3D multi-purpose door is the best choice for this sensitive area. On request, this door can also act as a seal against smoke and engine noise and additionally protects your family from unwanted visitors with the WK 2 security package.

Internal door for the passage from the garage into the house.

Internal door ZK

Innentür für Kelleräume mit Sauna

The durable and inexpensive door

Over many years, Hörmann’s ZK doors have proven themselves as robust doors for the interior from basements to the roof. ZK doors do not warp and come with a high-quality surface that is durable, resistant to stains and easy to clean. Reliable quality at a low price.

Internal door for

  • Basements
  • Children’s rooms
  • Entrance to an unrenovated loft

Comparison of our products

The classification of the individual doors shows you at a glance which functions the respective door fulfils and to what extent – from highly suitable (5 stars) to unsuitable (no stars).


Model Break-in-resistant Thermal insulation Acoustic insulation Fire-retarding Load Deformation resistance
Steel security door KSI Thermo
Steel security door KSI
Multi-purpose door MZ Thermo
Multi-purpose door MZ Thermo65
Multi-purpose door MZ
T30 fire-rated door H8-5
Multi-function door H3D
Internal door ZK

Good reasons to try a Hörmann function door

Individual designs

Individual designs

Design your door exactly the way you want it, to your own individual taste. You can choose between various colours and decors as well as glazings.

Up to 49% better thermal insulation

Up to 49% better thermal insulation

Would you like the same type of thermal insulation for basement and side entrances as in your entrance door?

Then our security door KSI Thermo and the multi-purpose doors MZ Thermo and MZ Thermo65 are exactly the right choice for you! The MZ Thermo65 provides up to 49% better thermal insulation than conventional multi-purpose doors.

* Up to 49% better thermal insulation with MZ Thermo65 in comparison with a common multi-purpose door
Break-in-resistant RC 2 security equipment

Break-in-resistant RC 2 security equipment

Security doors KSI / KSI Thermo, as well as the fire protection and security door WAT, are available as standard with approved, break-in-resistant RC 2 security equipment. For you this means an even safer feeling in your own four walls. For multi-function door H3D, the equipment is optionally available as an additional function.
Steel Profile Frame VarioFix

Steel Profile Frame VarioFix

The innovative profile frame VarioFix is the ideal solution for residential construction: With VarioFix, the proven timber frame mounting principle is now available for the first time in a steel frame. In addition, the frame also scores points with its convincing design and robustness.


All-inclusive service package

Qualifizierte Beratung für Türen

Qualified consulting

Out with the old, in with the new

At some point it is simply time to modernise your doors. Your Hörmann partner offers you an all-inclusive service package:

  • Qualified consulting
  • On-site measurement
  • Environmentally-friendly disposal
  • Professional fitting
Türen Aufmaß vor Ort

Measurement on-site

Umweltgerechte Entsorgung von Türen

Environmentally-friendly disposal

Fachgerechte Tür-Montage

Professional fitting