Internal door operators

For barrier-free and convenient living

With the Hörmann PortaMatic door operator you can automatically open and close your timber and steel internal doors via hand transmitter or button. Whether you are physically disabled or would simply like more convenience – this technology will make your everyday life easier. The PortaMatic door operator features not only a wide variety of functions and settings, but also a low power consumption. In addition, the PortaMatic is up to 25 % less expensive than comparable door operators.

The PortaMatic is the only door operator to date to have been tested by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik (GGT - German Association for Gerontology Technology) and was found to be of good quality. As a result, it fulfils the expectations of customers aged 50+ with respect to convenience, quality and aesthetics.

Barrierefreies und komfortables Wohnen

Senior-friendly residences

PortaMatic Antrieb für Innentüren
Altersgerechtes wohnen

Would you like to stay mobile despite physical limitations? The PortaMatic operator for internal doors improves your quality of life by helping you move about your home unaided.

Convenient living

Automatischer Türantrieb

You can now carry full trays, heavy crates of beverages or your shopping bags into your rooms unhindered. Even if you don’t need the automatic door operator PortaMatic for health reasons, you will never want to do without this convenience again – we guarantee it!

Barrier-free working

Barrier-free working already plays an important role and will continue to gain importance in the future. The door operator PortaMatic can be integrated into all non-public areas at your workplace, thus ensuring more convenience during work.

Barrierefreies Arbeiten

Hygienic door operation

Türen hygienisch bedienen

In office buildings, the risk of infection among employees is especially high on doors leading to the lavatory. In combination with a non-contact switch, the door operator PortaMatic provides reliable protection from germs and bacteria, giving you a sense of security.

Good reasons to try Hörmann internal door operators

Reliable door operation

Reliable door operation

At Hörmann, safety and convenience go hand in hand. The PortaMatic operator opens and closes your doors with soft start and soft stop and is extremely quiet. The door is moved with a minimum of force, offering you a high level of safety. Even a light touch is enough to stop the door from moving.

Innovative radio system

Innovative radio system

For you, we keep going where others have long called it a day. Our innovative BiSecur radio system allows you to control your operator securely via a hand transmitter or radio internal push button and even to query whether your door is open or closed*. Now you no longer have to run around your house to check whether your internal doors are closed.

And because we always have your convenience in mind, you can use your hand transmitter or radio internal push button to not only open and close your doors, but also to operate the integrated LED illumination.
*With hand transmitter HS 5 BS or radio internal push button FIT 5 BS
Simple fitting, simple connection

Simple fitting, simple connection

The PortaMatic is guaranteed to make your life easier. Even fitting is very easy. The operator is fastened above the door or on the frame. The slide rail can simply be bonded to the door leaf and leaves no residue behind after being removed. This is particularly advantageous if you live in a rented flat or have smooth glass doors. The PortaMatic is simply connected to a socket. To ensure a smooth connection, the cables to our operators are 3 m long.

Of course, your Hörmann partner can professionally fit the operator for you.
Optical and acoustic convenience functions

Optical and acoustic convenience functions

We find added convenience and safety make all the difference. This is why we have equipped our PortaMatic door operator with some convenient additional functions for you. For example, an acoustic signal and the integrated LED illumination indicate door movement before the door opens or closes.

More importantly, the illumination ensures your safety in the entire passage area, particularly in the dark and in poorly lit doorways.
Türantrieb PortaMatic - Barrierefreies und komfortables Wohnen

Door Operator PortaMatic