Garage Side Doors

Matching up-and-over garage doors, sectional doors and roller garage doors

Garage side doors are very convenient if you want to quickly fetch something without opening the garage door itself. Or if, in a short driveway, your second car is parked directly in front of the garage door, blocking any access.

For almost every door style Hörmann offers you a matching side door. This way, the garage door and side door form a harmonious unit. 

Garagen-Sectionaltor mit ansichtsgleicher Nebentür

Sectional garage door, L-ribbed

in Decograin Winchester Oak with matching side door

Picture gallery

Garagen-Rolltor und Nebentür in Verkehrsweiß RAL 9016

Roller garage door and side door

in Traffic white RAL 9016

Garagen-Sectionaltor in Woodgrain mit Nebentür

Sectional garage door, S-ribbed

in Woodgrain Traffic white RAL 9016 with matching side door

Berry-Schwingtor mit Nebentür

Up-and-over garage door, style 402

in Nordic Pine with matching side door

Garagen-Rolltor und Nebentür

Roller garage door and side door

NT60 in RAL 6005 Moss green