Hörmann sectional garage door with Duradecor surface finish

Sectional Garage Doors

Benefit from numerous advantages

Sectional doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space. Due to this construction they provide maximum space inside and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors can be fitted in every garage door opening, and offer up to 14 cm more passage width than up-and-over doors. Flexible and weather-resistant seals on all four sides of the Hörmann sectional doors ensure that they are optimally sealed.

Treat yourself to this comfort and convenience.

Sectional doors are tested and certified in accordance with the high safety requirements of European standard 13241-1. You can use our safety checklist to find out whether your old garage door complies with the current safety standards.

Select the suitable door type

The choice is yours: With the double-skinned sectional garage doors LPU 67 Thermo and LPU 42 you can rely on outstanding or very good thermal insulation. And also on increased stability and smooth running. The single-skinned sectional garage door LTE 42 is ideal for detached garages that do not require thermal insulation. If the design of your house is dominated by timber, then the Hörmann sectional garage doors LTH 42 with solid timber infill are particularly suited for you.

Garagen-Sectionaltor LPU 67 Thermo

LPU 67 Thermo

The energy-saving door offers excellent thermal insulation thanks to the 67-mm-thick sections with thermal break.

Garagen-Sectionaltor LPU 42

LPU 42

The double-skinned LPU 42 sectional garage door features 42 mm thick sections that ensure excellent thermal insulation.

Garagen-Sectionaltor LTE 42

LTE 42

The single-skinned LTE 42 sectional garage door is an inexpensive solution for detached garages that do not require additional thermal insulation.

Garagen-Sectionaltor LTH 42

LTH 42

The solid timber door is excellently suited for timber houses or buildings with many timber elements, such as timber framing or facade elements.

Styles for steel sectional doors

S-ribbed (LPU, LTE), Traffic white RAL 9016

M-ribbed (LPU, LTE), Traffic white RAL 9016

D-ribbed (LPU), Traffic white RAL 9016

T-ribbed (LPU), Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Traffic white RAL 9016

Panel (LPU, LTE), Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 450. Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 456, Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 461 with glazing, Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 457, Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 462 with glazing, Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 458, Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 454, Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 469 with glazing, Traffic white RAL 9016

L-ribbed (LPU), Style 481 with glazing, Traffic white RAL 9016

T-ribbed (LPU) Style 501 with continuous inlays in a stainless steel look, timber look (shown) or RAL to choose

T-ribbed (LPU) Style 500 with divided inlays in a stainless look or timber look (shown)

Surface finishes for steel sectional doors

Duragrain Oberfläche


For the Duragrain surface finish with its detailed, natural and colourfast door surface, you can choose from 24 decors, e.g. with a concrete (see Fig.), rusty steel or natural stone look. The innovative digital printing process in combination with the final coating of high-strength protective paint ensures a permanently beautiful and scratch-resistant door view.

Decograin Oberfläche


Decograin surface finishes with UV-resistant plastic film coating give your sectional door a striking and authentic timber look or an elegant metallic appearance in Anthracite. You can select from five natural timber decors or an elegant metallic decor.

Silkgrain Oberfläche


Thanks to its elegant door appearance, the silky smooth Silkgrain surface finish is the first choice for modern architecture. A 50% thicker external sheet on the sections also ensures higher stability and even smoother running. This surface finish is available in Traffic white RAL 9016, in 15 preferred colours or in RAL to choose.

Sandgrain Oberfläche


This finely structured surface is an ideal choice for price-conscious building owners and is particularly suited for modern homes. It is available in Traffic white (RAL 9016) as well as in 3 preferred colours.


On this inexpensive, robust surface with an authentic sawn timber look, minor scratches can be easily repaired by working with the texture. This surface finish is available in Traffic white RAL 9016, in 15 preferred colours or in RAL to choose.

Colours for steel sectional doors

Double-skinned LPU sectional doors and side doors are additionally available as standard in Traffic white (RAL 9016) as well as in 15 inexpensive preferred colours, and in approx. 200 colours from the RAL colour chart as well as in many NCS and DB colours. You can choose from 3 preferred colours** for the surface finish Sandgrain. Single-skinned LTE 42 doors are available in Traffic white RAL 9016 as standard.

RAL 9016 traffic white (standard color)

15 preferred colours

RAL 9007 Grey aluminium

RAL 9006 White aluminium **

RAL 8028 Terra brown **

RAL 8003 Clay brown

RAL 8001 Ochre brown

RAL 7040 Window grey

RAL 7035 Light grey

RAL 7030 Stone grey

RAL 7016 Anthracite grey **

RAL 6009 Fir green

RAL 6005 Moss green

RAL 5014 Pigeon blue

RAL 5011 Steel blue

RAL 3003 Ruby red

RAL 1015 Light ivory


Please note:

Sectional garage doors are generally supplied in Grey white (RAL 9002) on the inside of the door. Dark colours should not be used for double-skinned steel doors that are exposed to the sun, as possible section deflection may damage the door. All colours are based on RAL. The colours and surfaces shown are subject to the limitations of the printing process and cannot be regarded as binding. Please seek the expert advice of your Hörmann specialist dealer.

* RAL Classic colours, with the exception of pearl-effect, fluorescent and metallic colours
** Preferred colours for Sandgrain surface finish

Styles for solid timber sectional doors

S-ribbed, Nordic Pine

M-ribbed, Nordic Pine

L-ribbed, Nordic Pine

Panelled, Nordic Pine

Style 401, Nordic Pine

Style 402, Nordic Pine

Style 403, Nordic Pine

Style 403 with natural stone, Nordic Pine

Style 404, Nordic Pine

Style 404 with natural stone, Nordic Pine

Style 405, Nordic Pine

Style 405, with with track applications “Exclusive”, Nordic Pine

Timber types and surface finishes for solid timber sectional doors

Nordic Pine

Nordic Pine is a light-coloured softwood with predominantly straight graining. Heart shakes, individual resin pockets, spiral graining and the yellowish brown “knots” are natural characteristics of the wood.


Hemlock is a greyish white to light-greyish brown softwood with predominantly straight grain, brown mineral stripes along the grain and bark pockets.

Brushed surface finish

Both timber types are also available with a brushed surface finish. It gives your door a natural look, which especially supports the charm of half-timbered houses or the country house look. The surface finish is available for all sectional garage doors LTH and side doors (except V-panelled doors).

Wood preservatives for solid timber sectional doors

Limestone white, painted or opaque





Agate grey

Fir green

Nordic red

Good reasons to try Hörmann sectional garage doors

Modern energy-saving door

Modern energy-saving door

Especially for garages that are directly connected to the house double-skinned sectional doors are the first choice. In addition to the LPU 42 with very good thermal insulation, the LPU 67 Thermo offers everything that is expected from modern construction and renovation: excellent thermal insulation achieved by sections with a thermal break [1] with a U-value of 0.33 W/(m²·K)*, a very good seal on spaces between sections with double lip seals [2] and an optimum floor connection using double bottom seals, which also compensate for floor unevenness and energy losses.

* U-value of the door (5000 × 2125 mm) = 1.0 W/(m²·K)

Efficient thermal insulation

Efficient thermal insulation

A well-insulated garage door is always recommended when the garage and the home are directly connected. To further improve the already high insulation values, especially of its LPU sectional door, Hörmann has developed the ThermoFrame frame connection, a plastic profile that can be simply fitted together with the door frame.
This creates a thermal break between the frame and the brickwork, improving thermal insulation by up to 15 %*. The optional ThermoFrame frame connection is available for all Hörmann sectional doors.

* For a double-skinned sectional garage door LPU size 5000 × 2125 m
Optimum long-term protection

Optimum long-term protection

A non-brittle, 4 cm plastic frame shoe covers the frame where it is prone to rusting and offers long-term protection against corrosion, even with waterlogging, which is unmatched by competitor solutions.
Together with the door’s bottom seal, the frame shoe makes for a bottom edge that is visually appealing.

Permanently beautiful Duragrain decors

Permanently beautiful Duragrain decors

The new Duragrain surface finish with 24 decors convinces with a detailed, natural and colourfast door view. Innovative digital printing [1] on the primer [2] of the galvanized section [3] and a final coating with high-strength protective paint [4] ensure a permanently beautiful door view. The frame fascias and optional fascia panels are supplied in a colour matching the decor.

Even spacing

Even spacing

[1] Even spacing and invisible section transitions for ribbed doors

Hörmann garage doors are distinguished by even, exact spacing of sections [A]. The sections are shaped so that the transitions are practically invisible when the door is closed. See for yourself!

To add to the overall appearance, a practical side door with an alignment matching the sectional garage doors is also available.

[2] Irregular spacing of sections [B], [C] due to different section heights coupled with visible section transitions on competitor doors. This gives the door an uneven look.
Uniform panel spacing

Uniform panel spacing

[3] Gleichmäßige Kassettenaufteilung

Für eine harmonische Gesamtansicht sind bei Hörmann Sectionaltoren die Abstände zwischen den einzelnen Kassetten [D] in der Höhe exakt gleich. Dies wird durch gleich hohe Lamellen über die gesamte Torhöhe erreicht. Auch die waagerechten Abstände zwischen den Kassetten [E] in einer Lamelle sind einheitlich. Dadurch ergibt sich eine gleichmäßige Toransicht.

Auf Wunsch sind auch Nebentüren mit der gleichen Lamellenaufteilung ansichtsgleich zum Garagen-Sectionaltor erhältlich.

[4] Ungleichmäßige Kassettenaufteilung [F], [G] durch unter schiedliche Lamellenhöhen bei Wettbewerbstoren. Dadurch entsteht eine unruhige Toransicht.
Matching appearance of frames and door leaves

Matching appearance of frames and door leaves

The harmonious appearance of a door is the result of many small details: For white doors and all surface finishes, the fascia panel [1] is always provided matching the door sections. This ensures that everything fits together. The side frames [2] are available with a white Woodgrain surface finish as standard. For sectional doors with the surface finishes Sandgrain, Silkgrain or Decograin, the frame coverings are optionally available in the surface finish of the door section. For Micrograin doors, the frame covering is provided with a smooth Silkgrain surface finish.

Coloured sectional doors and doors with Decograin surface finishes are also optionally available with frame coverings [2] that match the surface finish and colour or the style of the door sections. The fascia panels [1] for these doors always match the surface finish and colour or style of the door section.
Flush-fitting fascia panels

Flush-fitting fascia panels

For LPU doors, a flush-fitting fascia panel is the most elegant solution for an invisible transition between the panel and door leaf. When the door is closed, the top door section is flush with the panel.

Practical solutions

Practical solutions

Wicket doors are recommended for easy passage with a trip-free threshold into your garage. You can also retrieve bicycles or gardening equipment from your garage without opening the door.
The stainless steel threshold is only 10 mm in the centre and 5 mm high at the sides. This makes it easier to wheel things through and reduces the risk of tripping up.

More security, of course.

More security, of course.

Uninvited guests barely stand a chance with Hörmann’s automatic sectional doors. When the garage door is closed, the anti-lift kit automatically engages in the operator boom’s stop, then locks immediately and is secured against forced opening.

This patented door latching functions purely mechanically and, in contrast to competitor operators, continues to secure the door even when the power fails.
BiSecur radio system with certified security

BiSecur radio system with certified security

The bi-directional BiSecur radio system is based on future-oriented technology for the convenient and secure operation of garage and entrance gate operators, door operators, lights and more.

This extremely secure BiSecur encryption protocol, developed by Hörmann, with a stable, interference-free range makes sure that no one can copy your radio signal. It was tested and certified by security experts at Bochum university and independent test institutes.

Perfectly matched

Perfectly matched

All BiSecur operators, receivers and control elements are 100 % compatible. By simply pressing the button on your hand transmitter or radio switch, you can operate your garage door and entrance gate as well as door operators or other devices with BiSecur receivers. The standard HCP interface in every Hörmann operator provides you with even more options. It makes it easy to network all Hörmann garage and entrance gate operators with external Smart Home systems.

Convenient querying of the door position

Convenient querying of the door position

You no longer have to go out in all kinds of weather to check if your door is closed. At the press of a button, the colour of the LED on the hand transmitter HS 5 BS or the internal push button FIT 5 BS indicates the position of the door.  If required, another push of a button* closes the door. It is the most convenient and secure way to control your door.
* An additional photocell is required for operation without visual contact to the door

Award-winning design

Award-winning design

In addition to a black or white design, BiSecur hand transmitters are characterised by an elegant shape that fits easily in the palm of your hand.
Hörmann’s BiSecur hand transmitters with an optional high-gloss surface in a piano lacquer look have received the reddot design award for their exclusive design.

Exclusive interior door appearance

Exclusive interior door appearance

If you use your garage as a hobby room, you also want a harmonious door view in the garage. The premium version of the LPU 67 Thermo meets these precise demands: the full frame***, the tracks and connection rails and all fittings are available in Grey white RAL 9002, matching the inside of the door leaf. The door thereby blends harmoniously into the interior and adds value to your garage. The tandem track rollers also mean that your door runs very quietly and smoothly.

*** Outside view of the frame in Grey white RAL 9002, meaning that a frame covering is recommended for doors in Traffic white RAL 9016.

Picture Gallery

Garagen-Sektionaltor in Edelstahl-Optik


Style 500 with divided inlays in stainless steel look, in RAL 7016

Garagen-Sectionaltor in Silkgrain Steingrau


in Silkgrain Stone grey RAL 7030, style 501 with solid inlays in a timber look

Garagen-Sectionaltor Massivholztor

Door style 405

Solid timber door painted white on-site with hinged door fitting kit and decorative handles

Garagen-Sectionaltor in Decograin Rosewood


in Decograin Rosewood

Garagen-Sectionaltor in Silkgrain Anthrazitgrau


in Silkgrain Anthracite grey RAL 7016, style 500 with divided inlays in a timber look

Garagen-Sectionaltor in Woodgrain Tannengrün


in Woodgrain Fir green RAL 6009

Garagen-Sectionaltor in Woodgrain Anthrazitgrau


in Woodgrain Anthracite grey RAL 7016

Garagen-Sectionaltor in Anthrazitgrau


in Anthracite grey, RAL 7016, Hörmann aluminium entrance door ThermoSafe style 565, in Anthracite grey, RAL 7016 with optional side elements and transom light

Garagen-Sectionaltor in Decograin Golden Oak


in Decograin Golden Oak


Hörmann’s Exclusive BiSecur radio system

Garagentor-Antriebe - Beruhigend Sicher

Garage door operators – Reassuring security