Loading Technology

Loading Technology is a vital part of any business’ day to day operation, but with an insufficient loading station, you’ll have to spend so much time and effort adjusting for each trailer that by the end of the day you find yourself behind on your workload. Having a streamlined and specifically tailored set of loading technology helps you take the hassle out of loading, giving you all the tools and structure that you need to be able to load and unload with ease. With everything from dock levellers, shelters, and loading houses available to make the job easier, there’s always a way to simplify the loading process so that you can create a more efficient set of procedures that increase productivity.

Dock Levellers

Hörmann dock levellers provide the perfect solution for accurately compensating any difference in height between various lorry floors and ramps. With dock levellers, the load can be moved in or out of the lorry in a single horizontal movement, which is more stable and therefore safer. A sturdy steel construction with anti-twist platform easily compensates for lorry tilting, even if the load is not distributed evenly.

These Hörmann dock levellers are also equipped with automatic emergency-stop valves in the lifting cylinders, which secure the dock leveller right away. This is an important safety feature, which can help to avoid harm or damage if a lorry drives away while a load is still on the platform.

Hörmann provides loading solutions for every situation and environment, so however you’re looking to load and unload, there’s always a way that can help you to streamline your process for a more efficient workflow.


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Dock Shelters and Seals

Dock shelters protect your goods and staff during the loading and unloading process, keeping them warm and sheltered so that they remain healthy and happy as they work – shelters also help you to cut down on energy costs with a reduced heating bill. If combined with a dock leveller, Hörmann’s dock shelters allow you to cut out the need for complex canopies and ramp assemblies, which will save you time, effort, and excess costs.

Hörmann flap dock shelters fit all lorry sizes and are therefore universally applicable. High-quality top and side flaps, mounted on a galvanized, compressible steel frame result in a stable, flexible and tear-resistant construction. The flaps and frame parts are manufactured as easy-to-assemble individual elements that can be screwed together for quick installation. These simple parts are easy and inexpensive to replace and repair.

Inflatable dock seals and cushion dock seals complete the arrangement, creating a safe, comfortable, and effective environment to load and unload within.


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Loading Houses

Loading houses are placed in front of the building, meaning that the entire building space can be used, right up to the exterior walls. Hörmann loading houses are a great choice for buildings where interior ramps or tailboard slots cannot be used, providing the same service without the need for additional installations.

A complete loading house consists of a pedestal with dock leveller, wall and ceiling cladding and a loading opening with a dock shelter.

In conjunction with insulated Hörmann industrial doors, loading houses are particularly recommended for loading temperature-sensitive goods, where adverse weather conditions can harm or ruin the goods. 

Lorries can dock at a 90° angle or offset to the side at a tight angle from the loading houses, giving you a more options as to how you load. Loading houses are available as individual units or can easily be arranged as a series for larger scale loading operations.

Loading bays sometimes take up a large portion of commercial buildings, which makes them a fantastic target for your energy saving protocols - for more information about the amortisation and retrofitting see the Hörmann energy savings compass.


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Good reasons to try Hörmann loading technology

Robust dock levellers

Robust dock levellers

Sustainability and quality go hand in hand. Dock levellers have to withstand the rough day-to-day loading environment. For this reason, all components are manufactured using high-quality materials. The design of all dock levellers corresponds to EN 1398 and, with regard to loading capacity, is dimensioned generously.

Particularly sturdy flat anchors, ventilation slots in the edge bracket and adjustment angles to screw ensure reliable fixing in the building structure, one of the most important prerequisites for a long service life.
Energy-efficient loading houses

Energy-efficient loading houses

The dock leveller is fit directly in front of the building with a loading house, allowing the building opening to be sealed efficiently with an industrial door. As early as the quotation phase, we are able to provide model statistics defining the maximum wind and snow loads for Hörmann loading houses.

Any unevenness in the door can easily be compensated for using adjustable feet.
Flexible dock seals and shelters

Flexible dock seals and shelters

Dock seals and shelters are particularly efficient when they are optimally adapted to the docking vehicles and the loading situation. This requires a wide range of flexible solutions.Robust push-in flap dock shelters with different frame constructions prevent them from being damaged during docking.Inflatable dock seals adjust to different vehicle dimensions.

Roll-up flaps compensate for even larger differences in vehicle heights. Dock seals and shelters with telescopic link arms or rising roof constructions are recommended to compensate for vehicle movements or when placing interchangeable containers.
Compatible control systems

Compatible control systems

From development to production, all Hörmann door and dock leveller controls come from the same source, making them optimally matched to each other. As a result, you benefit from a uniform operating concept with standardised housing sizes and the same cable sets for dock levellers and door controls.

Another advantage: If the dock leveller control is placed beneath the door control, both controls can be combined into a single compact uni

BBS dock shelter for small transport vehicles

Loading Houses

DOBO system: Dock first – open doors later

Optimally co-ordinated system

Hinged lip dock leveller

Industrial sectional door Parcel Walk