Product Applications


Hörmann pharmaceutical doors are all made from inorganic materials to eliminate the risk of contamination and bacterial growth issues. We also offer doors suitable for use in temperature-controlled environments, along with a number of products designed to meet the rigorous safety and hygiene standards set by the pharmaceutical industry.


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Protecting your goods, and offering high-speed access, our range of doors designed for the manufacturing industry can not only cater to different size needs but have also been created with a long service life and a busy environment in mind. Browse our full range which includes multi-function doors, rolling shutters and grilles, and perimeter security. 


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Designed to support the efficient movement of production and goods, Hörmann industrial doors and loading dock solutions work together with our logistics technology to ensure maximum efficiency in your facilities. Whether you are looking to optimise traffic in your loading bay or the flow of goods and employees on your premises, Hörmann is the solution to your logistics needs.


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Food hygiene

A number of Hörmann industrial doors are suitable for use in food hygiene areas, thanks to their high-quality design, ensuring they meet food hygiene standards. Our doors are made from stainless steel, guaranteeing they are suitable due to their ability to resist bacteria. To complement industrial doors, we recommend Hörmann strip curtains, to maintain a consistent temperature within a hygienic environment.


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Emergency Services

Manufactured with speed, ease of use, and a long service life in mind, Hörmann emergency service doors include high-speed doors, multifunctional doors, and perimeter security. We also offer a 24/7 industrial maintenance and repairs service, helping you limit any disruptions to these vital services.  

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Here at Hörmann, we pride ourselves on manufacturing all of our products in an environmentally responsible way. From the way we source the raw materials used to create Hörmann products to transport logistics, we always strive to reduce our carbon footprint and operate in an environmentally-friendly way. A number of our doors have been independently confirmed as sustainably produced, including our multi-function doors and high-speed doors.  

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Cold Storage

Hörmann cold storage doors come fitted with the necessary insulation required to maintain the highly specific temperature requirements in these facilities. With decades of experience as one of Europe’s leading door providers, our cold storage doors have also been designed for easy access, to limit any temperature variations.   


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Hörmann automotive doors are designed to not only be efficient and durable but also to meet the rigorous health and safety standards of the industry. Suitable for use in every area of the automotive sector, our range of products includes sectional doors, fire sliding doors, and high-speed doors.  


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Car Showrooms

Our car showroom doors are designed with both function and aesthetics in mind, offering a reliable solution to all your needs, while also looking appealing to your customers. To meet the wide range of door specifications required by car showrooms, we manufacture everything from glazed sectional doors to loading bay solutions.  


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Click and Collect

Designed to be used by pedestrians and both commercial and customer vehicles, click and collect facilities will benefit from our sector-specific products, which includes multi-function doors, rolling shutters, rolling grilles, and loading bay solutions.  

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